Modern and contemporary art in Wynwood, Miami. De Medici Gallery is an open space where art is alive and it is approachable not only by experts and collectors. Color is the main character. The artists are selected by proving a solid career, handling the technique to express their perception of the modern and contemporary world, and having determination in the aesthetic search. Artists that dare experiment to give room to artworks that won’t go unseen. All these artworks are wager in present and with future.
Arte moderno y contemporáneo en el Wynwood de Miami. De Medici Gallery es un espacio abierto donde el arte está vivo y es abordable no solamente para expertos y coleccionistas. El color es el principal protagonista. Los artistas son seleccionados por acreditar una sólida carrera, manejar la técnica para expresar su percepción del mundo moderno y contemporáneo, y tener perseverancia en la búsqueda estética. Artistas que se atreven a la experimentación para dar lugar a obras que no pasarán desapercibidas. Todas estas obras son apuestas de presente y con futuro.
Art moderne et contemporain au Wynwood de Miami. De Medici Gallery est un espace ouvert où l’art est vivant et accessible non seulement par les experts et collectionneurs. La couleur est la principale protagoniste. Les artistes sont sélectionnés après avoir accrédité une carrière solide, maîtrisé la technique pour exprimer sa perception du monde moderne et contemporain, et après avoir persévéré en ce qui concerne la recherche esthétique. Ce sont des artistes capables d’expérimenter afin de créer des œuvres qui se feront très vite remarquées. Toutes ces œuvres sont des paris du présent avec de l’avenir.
Arte Moderna e Conteporânea em Winwood de Miami. A “De Medici Gallery” é um espaço aberto onde a arte está viva e é abordada não apenas por críticos e colecionadores. A cor é o principal protagonista. Os artistas são selecionados por demonstrarem uma sólida carreira, dominarem a técnica para expressar sua percepção do mundo moderno e contemporâneo, e por perseverarem na busca estética. Artistas que se atrevem a ousar e experimentar para dar lugar a obras que não passarão desapercebidas. Todas essas obras são apostas do presente e com futuro.
Milo Lockett is one of the visual artist most popular of Argentina, born in 1967. It is also recognized as a muralist and escultor having produced oversized works in different cities of Argentina and Spain, especially in schools and hospitals located in poor neighborhoods. One of his icons has been the mega mural spanning almost all of the external walls of the Abasto Mail of Buenos Aires. His sculptures are also disseminated for squares and parks across the country.
At the same time, companies like CocaCola, American Express, Nestle, Hyundai, YPF and City Bank has established agreements of partnerships with Milo Lockett to design some of their products.
Milo achieved create in a short time a painterly identity that made him a bestseller without precedents. The audience of Milo Lockett covers from big collectors to young people that are looking for their first artwork. In his workshop located in the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires with a team of assistants produced dozens of works per year. He also designs bags, clothes, furniture, glasses, clocks, tableware and decorative objects. In agreement with a group of investors have already opened 3 bar/restaurants “Milo”. in Argentina in which the tables, the walls, the tableware and the furniture have been completely designed and decorated with the motif of his work: one of them has become in the most “trendy of the night of Buenos Aires”.
But through his Foundation, Milo Lockett donates annually an average of 40 works for auction to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Chaco, his native province of northern of Argentina. He worked with the Red Cross in a program directed toward adolescents in risk situations. All months he participates for free in activities in schools and public hospitals located in the poorest regions of the country. He also has collaborated for the UNICEF in the project “A minute for my rights” in the 7th Meeting of Children and Young sculptors under the theme “The Monsters of Berni and Juanito Laguna”.
Makes massive free workshops of outdoor painting like the Festival of the triple border, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, Chaco, Jujuy, Corrientes, Misiones, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires.
His referents are in the work of Jorge de la Vega, Nigro, Macció and Deira.